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Looking for a job in the pandemic?

2020 has unquestionably been a challenging year and whilst Australia is faring better than many other countries, there are lots of people still doing it tough!  Whilst the outlook for 2021 is much more positive, most countries in the world remain at various stages of self-isolation or lockdown.  A vast number of industries still have their staff working from home, have people attending the office on a rostered basis or have had to step down their workforce. This has clearly had an impact on the recruitment industry which has resulted in you seeing far fewer adverts on job boards and on recruitment agency websites. 

We are slowly starting to see companies reviewing their hiring plans with a view to many of our clients saying they will be recruiting in 2021, so now is the time to get ready! 


If you are looking for a job there are some proactive things you can do: 

  • Keep sending your CV out
  • Create profiles on LinkedIn and any other job board that gives you that facility, ensuring it matches your CV!
  • Keep having conversations with recruiters, you don’t need to call every day but touch base once a week or so
  • Stay active on LinkedIn, follow companies and reply to posts so that you are noticed
  • Stay focused and do something every day to try and find yourself a job

Things will get quieter as we move into the Holiday period but still do the work so you are ready for 2021!

Whether you have been let go because of the virus pandemic, or are thinking about changing jobs, whatever your situation, if you are looking for a new role then we want to hear from you!

Times may still be tough for many but as things pick up we want to make sure we are best placed to find you a suitable job, this means having your most up to date information - send us your CV!  

We are more than your usual recruitment agency, did you know...

  • We are part of a member owned global organisation called NPAworldwide which is made up of boutique recruitment companies all over the world who collaborate with each other to share jobs and place candidates. We can make you part of that network.
  • Most of you will already have a CV and maybe a LinkedIn Profile and may need help in developing them so that you represent your best self to the market, we will help you do that at no charge!
  • We are a very experienced recruitment team that all have part ownership of the business, so we are not going anywhere. We will truly consult with you giving you honest and open feedback, whether good or bad. Our aim is to find the right job for you, a job you will love and stay in!