Time for a change?

Looking for new talent?


Why do Clients keep coming back?

We pride ourselves on building in-depth, long-term relationships. We have been recruiting for a number of clients for over 10 years. Often Hiring Managers we work with take our relationship with them when they change jobs. They appreciate the quality candidates we provide and know that we understand their business.

Speed & Efficiency

Working quickly without compromising quality is key

We follow the tried and trusted recruitment process efficiently and quickly, yet we are perceived to be different because we offer a fast response to both clients and candidates. We automate as much of our process as we can and fully utilise our CRM to maximum effect without compromising the human touch


Recruitment companies should be more than just placing people into jobs that need filling

We love what we do! Our aim at People Intelligence is to redefine recruitment by not only offering the end-to-end professional recruitment services that you would expect but also a range of additional services related to recruitment that give a value-add to both clients and candidates.


Working with us should offer you something different

We want to be your recruitment partner. To us, this means open and frank discussion and respect for each other which results in an ongoing and valued relationship. We carry out market perception analysis of your company, even if you don't ask us to. We provide feedback, good and bad, to both candidates and clients. We continuously think outside the box, which is why we created PiQ.


What you see is what you get!

Let's talk, visit your office, understand your business and culture - it's not just about the job description! By knowing you, we know the candidates to send you, demonstrated by our 97.7% hit rate of CV sent to interview. We offer very favourable credit terms - less than 0.5% of placements made since 2009 have resulted in a credit note!