Time for a change?


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09 May 2023

So what is PiQ?

The times they are a-changing, as the song goes - we have come through Covid, working practises have changed globally and now...

Are you in sales?
10 Mar 2023

Are you in Sales? Do you sell yourself as well as you sell your product?

We recruit Salespeople across various industries at all levels. It is amazing that quite often, salespeople who are selling t...

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27 Jan 2023

Protect your Personal Data!

We are living more and more of our lives online, using various devices such as smartphones, iPads and desktop/laptop PCs now,...

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08 Nov 2022

Are Covid Vaccinations mandatory in Australia?

Lots of information has been published about vaccinations against Covid-19 and whether they are mandatory or not in Australia...

Why Shouldnt Candidates Treat Recruiters Like Dirt
20 Sep 2022

Why Shouldn’t Candidates Treat Recruiters Like Dirt?

Behavioural choices are often heavily influenced by the expected outcome. A recruiter might be annoyed that a candidate doesn...

Image Safety Services
15 Aug 2022

Do you need to review your WHS process?

People Intelligence in partnership with Safety Services Australia are able to offer a FREE 45 minutes WHS Organisational Heal...

Is Recruitment The Only Industry Where People Might Not Be Paid For Their Work
18 Jul 2022

Is Recruitment the Only Industry Where People Might Not Be Paid for Their Work?

Hello.. might you be able to help us fill a job? We’ve been looking for a while, but we’ve had no luck. We’ve got a couple of...

Does Social Media Work In Recruitment
30 Jun 2022

Does Social Media Work in Recruitment?

Everyone knows that LinkedIn has enjoyed a monopoly for the recruitment world for the past decade but as it gradually becomes...