Time for a change?

Value added services

Our philosophy

Adding value!

We believe in partnering with our clients to do more than just fill jobs. Our additional services are related to recruitment and offer additional methodologies that will add value to your business.


Search for qualified candidates!

A different recruitment service that will save you money, much needed in the current climate. Search for qualified candidates at reduced recruitment fees as they have been sourced, interviewed and qualified with no compromise on quality of service!

Search for qualified candidates

Our services

More than just filling jobs!

Personality Profiling | General Intelligence Testing | Job Profiling | Online Skills Testing | Market Perception Reports | Outplacement Programs | Induction Programs | Payroll Services

Free outplacement services

We can help your outgoing staff find a new job!

At a time that is stressful, we can help your staff with the following: Interview coaching | CV Creation | Confidence building | We can meet your staff onsite or online. We do not charge for this service as helping candidates find new jobs is fundamentally what we do and to be able to act quickly for them is important to us.