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Laura Tesluk

  • IMA
  • General Manager
  • 02 Jul 2024

I highly recommend Catherine Moores and her team. Catherine is very responsive, attuned to her clients' needs, and dedicated to finding the perfect candidate.

Randall C

  • IMAB2B
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • 27 Jun 2024

Working with Catherine was a breath of fresh air. She's got a knack for communication - always quick to respond and keeping me in the loop. What really stood out was how she stayed on top of things. Catherine regularly checked in, making sure everything was moving along smoothly. She's got that perfect mix of being professional yet friendly, which made the whole process so much easier. I really appreciated her help and positive energy throughout my job search.

Roy Zhang

  • Bank of China
  • Senior Associate
  • 26 Apr 2024

While I did not end up taking up the role. Catherine from People Intelligence was incredible through the whole process. She was supportive, clear and at no point was anything unclear to me. The whole process with People Intelligence was easy and worked around what was best for me. I highly recommend working with People Intelligence, my experience was nothing but positive and pleasant, even when my own personal issues raised issues.

Kelly-Ann Ritchie

  • Earlypay
  • Documents and Settlement Officer
  • 09 Feb 2024

I had a great experience with Catherine and the team, it was wonderful to have someone advocate for you, especially in a tough job market. The process was seamless, and I was updated regularly throughout each stage. I would highly recommend Catherine for those seeking a new career in the corporate world.

Ellie Loh

  • DHL
  • Commercial/Business Automation Program Manager
  • 26 Jan 2024

I came to know Lindsey Morgan through my husband as he has had a stellar experience dealing with her when she placed him in a senior role in a renowned company.

I have been with my employer for 20 years when I reached out to Lindsey for career advice. I know what I am capable of delivering and was clear about what I wanted. However, no matter how many times I have submitted job applications, I was never successful; not even for a screening call. This is what I needed the most so that I can put myself forward and present to the hiring team who I am. Through a quick 30mins chat, Lindsey was able to nail down the challenges I was facing by providing priceless feedback from constructing my resume to how to present myself so that I can stand out. Words cannot describe how professional, precise and concise she is. After following her 'formula', I was called by an HR team and from there, I proceeded on with a total of 4 rounds of interviews. I have been offered a role after 3 years attempting to apply to the same company. In the past 3 years, my experience hasn't changed but what has changed was the techniques I have had the privilege to learn from Lindsey.

Lindsey did not place me in this role. I secured the role myself and it wasn't through any recruitment agency. However, Lindsey supported me well in the process. I cannot thank Lindsey enough and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, because she cares for her clients and candidates. She always wants to get the best out of her candidates so that she can place the best candidate for her client. Kudos to Lindsey and THANK YOU once again! Sincerely yours, Ellie.

Lawrence Yong

  • Connect Hearing
  • Growth Leader
  • 24 Jan 2024

Lindsey and her team has done a remarkable job in securing a role for me that truly matches my career aspirations. She is helpful and honest, and I would strongly recommend People Intelligence and Lindsey to any candidate who is seeking a new career!

Hoang My Linh (Jane) Nguyen

  • Krost Business Furniture
  • Marketing Executive
  • 22 Jan 2024

Catherine has provided me enormous support during my first job hunting in Sydney, which was hard for graduates in this challenging time. She's such a supportive and professional person that has my highest recommendation.

Nadia Fernandes

  • Upstream
  • Director
  • 24 Oct 2023

Catherine has been fantastic to work with and showed dedication and commitment to filling the role. The candidates presented were all fantastic and well thought through. It made a challenging recruitment process much easier.

Benedict Leslie

  • Storm FX
  • Administration Manager
  • 09 Oct 2023

I was introduced to Catherine through a mutual work colleague/Mentor. At the time I had left a long term job at the end of Covid and had been doing a series of short term contracts. Talking with Catherine was a very positive experience. Unlike some other recruiters, Catherine took the time to find out what my motivations were and what type of work I was interested in. I felt like she understood me and wasn't treating me like just another person to fill a seat. The first temp contract that I received through Catherine was such a good fit for both the employer and myself it ended up becoming a permanent role. Thanks Catherine for the assistance with starting my new life.

Lucy Mazmanian

  • Upstream
  • Accounts Manager
  • 24 Sep 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to make mention of Catherine Moores, who acted as the introducing agent in my new role as Accounts Manager, and would like to thank her for her professionalism, respectfulness, display of integrity and transparency, both during and following this transaction. Her genuine and pleasant demeanor were definitely encouraging to me in deciding to take this important big step with Upstream, giving me a foretaste of what is to come and my new employers' values! She is without doubt an amazing person and a very honest and qualified recruitment consultant. I observed her doing her best to ensure the right fit for the job, taking the time necessary to procure and source the right candidates, and not just to quickly fill jobs. I can with every certainty recommend her services to any organisation or job seeker wishing to place or obtain employment. To all employers that are deciding whether to choose her services, I can assure you that she will definitely be key to promoting a great first impression to potential employees and adding value to the reputation of your organization.

Lauren Dolman

  • NTT Data
  • Account Executive
  • 20 Sep 2023

I want to express my gratitude for Lindsey's exceptional assistance in securing my role as an Account Executive at NTT Data. Lindsey's dedication and industry knowledge were instrumental in making this career transition a success. From the outset, Lindsey exhibited a deep understanding of my career goals and presented an opportunity that aligned perfectly. Her guidance throughout the interview process was invaluable, and her timely communication and support were truly remarkable. Lindsey's professionalism and commitment to her candidates' success are second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey to anyone in search of a dedicated recruiter who genuinely cares about your success. Thank you, Lindsey, for your outstanding support.

Emily Chun

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • 16 Aug 2023

You would definitely want to work with Lindsey in your job search process. She is very detailed and actually cares about her candidates; took the time to listen to what I wanted in my next role and career then assessed how my ability would fit with the opportunities she's got. She then guided me every step of the interview and gave me real valuable constructive feedback to best equip myself during the process. Lindsey is truly the most professional and the best in her field!

Aidan Baun

  • NTT Data Business Solutions APAC
  • Account Executive
  • 30 Mar 2023

You want Lindsey on your side, simple as that. When we first spoke, it was clear my previous experience wasn’t going to be enough to get the job I wanted. But Lindsey took the time to hear me out and asked some great questions on why I was going for this role. It’s fair to say there’s no way I would’ve got the interview on my own without Lindsey’s support to the company. Thanks again Lindsey!

Von Angelo Abcede

  • Notified Digital Media Philippines Inc.
  • Recruiting Specialist
  • 04 Jan 2023

I really like how People Intelligence supports our company in getting a good quality candidates. Hoping to get more good candidates this 2023.

Bay Pines

  • Accenture
  • Inside Sales Opportunity Manager
  • 14 Dec 2022

Lindsey was fantastic. We had an initial conversation, and she was quickly able to see what was and wasn't the right role for me. This meant that I didn't waste time on the role I had originally come to Pi to look at. Based on our discussion though, Lindsey was able to immediately put me in contact with hiring managers that were looking for someone with my skill set. It was all so quick, easy and for me, the best part, no time was wasted in trying to get me into something that just wasn't suitable. I can't recommend this team highly enough.

Stefan Krcmarov

  • In the market
  • Sales specialist
  • 25 Nov 2022

Despite the fact that I don’t have a background in SaaS, Lindsey has taken the time to talk me through the initial stages of transitioning into the tech sales world from my former career. She’s provided very helpful advice and gone beyond what was required to help me improve my online professional profile too. Thanks Lindsey. I hope we can cross paths again.

Hayden Mitchell

  • AvePoint
  • Senior Enterprise Account Executive
  • 24 Nov 2022

When I was looking for my next career move, it was a pleasure working with Lindsey - communication and updates were prompt and transparent throughout the whole process. Lindsey is very kind , a true professional and I highly recommend her services.

Arun Iyer

  • VikingCloud
  • Relationship Manager
  • 22 Oct 2022

Lindsey was very professional and upfront in her discussions . Clarity of the role and understanding of my profile was accurate and helped me get my first break down under . Grateful for her assistance and fantastic network in the region.

Yatin Patel

  • N/A
  • Account Executive
  • 19 Oct 2022

My first engagement with People Intelligence and Lindsey Morgan was in October 21 - I had a fantastic experience with her as a candidate, why? She was down to earth and treated me like a human (not just a number), provided me with her honest opinions, I wasn't ever pressured into a job or interview I wasn't comfortable with, listened to me on what was important to me and why, then aligned my key considerations to the best role and organisation which also matched my skill set and personality. I would highly recommend People Intelligence and Lindsey to candidates looking for that next adventure in their professional career or organisations looking for that "right" individual.

Debjit Sinha

  • Emarsys
  • Implementations
  • 01 Sep 2021

Lindsey and Catherine are phenomenal they have had literally owned my job search on my behalf and have been instrumental in leading me towards the right prospect, they have not only given the right guidance but have also been penchant in helping me achieve my goals here. I wish them all the luck and I'm more sure than ever before that many more aspiring candidates will benefit from their excellence. Kudos !

Hamna A

  • Dell
  • Enterprise Engineer
  • 30 Aug 2021

I met Catherine a few years back for a face to face interview in her office. It was a very pleasant experience as she understood what I am looking for in a job and explained the roles she had with requirement very well. She is a kind of person who will go above and beyond to understand and assist anyone to settle better. Wish you all the best for the good things you doing.

Cyrus Bakes

  • Accenture
  • Account Manager
  • 08 Jan 2021

Over the last few years, the Pi team have worked hard to successfully place me in technical sales roles at different levels. I would sincerely recommend them to anyone looking for opportunities in Sydney and beyond.

Zak A

  • Candidate
  • Sales
  • 05 Jan 2021

Lindsey was very professional throughout the process in finding me a new job in Singapore. She was very consultative to understand my profile and expectations as a candidate to match that of the potential employer. She represented my position clearly and accurately to the prospective employer to ensure no miscommunication of expectations from both parties. Overall, it was a very good experience working with People Intelligence as a candidate and I would highly recommend them to those seeking new opportunities.

Kyle L

  • InterSystems
  • Market Development
  • 26 Nov 2020

Lindsey is an excellent recruiter who made the effort to get to know me and consequently identified a number of opportunities which suit my requirements. She guided me throughout the interviewing stages and followed up with me after I joined the new company. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new role.

Jason Choo

  • Global Sales & Marketing Services Provider - APAC Recruitment
  • APAC Talent Acquisition Manager
  • 23 Nov 2020

Although the partnership has just begun, People Intelligence have been part of recruitment drive success happening in our company. Fulfillment were fast as to our urgent and very tight dateline. Candidates presented were spot on thus all information required in common as well as clear. Candidates expectation were also well managed. This truly eliminates all hiccup time to check back and forth; therefore, speed up processes. Looking forward to more engagement as we grow. Thank you.

Luke P

  • FMCG
  • Territory Manager
  • 18 Nov 2020

Lindsey is the first recruiter I've met that is genuiely interested in figuiring out what roles will be a good fit for each individual. I've found while dealing with other recruiters they can be pushy and you get a sense that they're only trying to close a role. Lindsey took the time with me to sit down and understand what I was looking for in a role and was even able to give reccomendations about roles I wasn't aware existed. Lindsey is also very well connected and has been able to put me up for interviews outside of her own agency I would never have been able to secure by myself. She helped me tailor my resume for the industry I was applying for and gave me inside knowledge of what to expect. I feel I can trust Lindsey to give me honest feedback and career advice that will help me move into a role that suits me now to help secure the one I want in the future.