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What is PiQ?

More control - lower pricing

Search for qualified candidates yourself and save money!

We interview a wide range of candidates for the jobs that we work on for our clients. We specialise in client facing roles so most of the candidates are in Sales, Marketing, Business Transformation and Support. Ultimately, we can only place one candidate in the job, which leaves a number of qualified and suitable candidates still looking for employment. As we have already interviewed and vetted these candidates, we can offer them to you at a reduced fee! You can even pay in instalments.

We created PiQ in 2020 as an idea to help candidates during Covid but due to its success, it is working well post pandemic.

How does PiQ Work?

You search the database on our website for qualified candidates using our search functionality

Only candidates that we think are highly placeable, are made available to you via our website. We will provide you with some general information and our insight as to who the candidate is and what they are looking for, but all personal information is anonymous at this stage. The database will change regularly as candidates find jobs and we interview more people!

Please review our FAQ & TOB

Expect 5 star service

We are not compromising on our service, just offering you a different solution!

Find the ideal candidate, press the 'Request more Info’ button. Pi contacts the candidate to ascertain their interest in your Company. Pi sends the candidates full CV to you. Pi manages the recruitment process between all parties from arranging interviews to placement

Only if you employ the candidate, will you then pay a discounted fixed fee! Details are on each candidate profile.

We have an introductory offer for the first time you use this service that offers further discounts!

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