Time for a change?


So what is PiQ?

  • Lindsey Morgan
  • 03 Apr 2024
PiQ with honeycomb

The times they are a-changing, as the song goes - we have come through Covid, working practises have changed globally and now we are facing economic uncertainty, already with layoffs happening in various industries across the private sector. When the markets are like this, the recruitment industry is affected, more people on LinkedIn advertise that they are looking for jobs and more companies try and save costs by doing recruitment themselves. In this climate we wanted to find a different way to make candidates stand out to employers. In 2020 wwe launched PiQ.

As technology has developed, we have seen a proliferation of candidate databases being introduced to the market, all offering the chance of finding a new job! This type of offering has been around for years and is reliant on candidates keeping their profile up to date and completed properly and we know from years of experience that does not happen. As soon as a candidate find a new job, the profile is out of date and often the old profile is not deleted or updated! Clients do not have the time to search large and often inaccurate and out of date databases, that is why the recruitment industry exists!

Candidate databases are alive and well from all sorts of different media - Seek has a candidate database, various job boards are creating one and most recruitment agencies also have their own database. The only way these databases can get you a job is if the company who runs them knows you well or you must fill in a profile template anticipating what any employer may be looking for.

Having been in recruitment for years, we have been trying to think of ways to not only help candidates find a job they are qualified to do and want but that offers a recruitment service to clients that does not compromise on quality of service but could save them money.

We think we have found the solution with PiQ. People Intelligence Qualified Candidates, this is a select database that sits on our company website holding anonymous details of candidates that we have interviewed and know quite well. With our years of recruitment experience and our expertise in recruiting in client facing roles, we feel we know what information clients want to see in making a preliminary decision as to whether a candidate might be suitable for their business or not. We offer details of what the candidate is looking for, what industries they have worked in and what products they have sold, we give an insight as to what we think of their personality and potential cultural fit for any organisation. We offer more information than is available on a CV. The only catch is that the client has to review the website themselves to find what they are looking for. In return the fees charged are a lot less than standard recruitment fees, in most cases, 50% cheaper and they are still only charged when a client offers a candidate a job and they start with the company and all other standard TOB will apply.

The reason we can offer this service at a reduced fee is that the candidates on our database selected for PiQ have been part of a recruitment process where we have filled a job and received our placement fee, the candidates have been qualified as part of that process and are sitting on our database waiting for a new job to come in, so we decided to flip it on its head and showcase these candidates, in the hope they attract the right job for them. We offer transparency in our pricing by showing you the amount the candidate will cost you if you hire them, which means clients can budget accordingly. Given the current economic climate, we can also offer a payment arrangement whereby a client can pay fees in instalments.

People Intelligence will manage the whole recruitment process for you, you just need to find a suitable candidate, let us know by pressing a button and we will take over from there. The privacy of a candidate is not compromised as we will let them know who has shown interest in them before submitting a full CV. You even have the facility to create candidate alerts so any candidate that fits your searching criteria will be notified to you as they come up. The website tells you if a candidate is under review so you don’t waste time on candidates who may find a job quickly and we are developing a feedback form so you can tell us what else you would like to see in this service.

In the current climate we need to be versatile and think outside the box so that we all benefit, candidates find the job they want, clients find the staff they want, and as recruiters, we may be able to make the most of our extremely marketable candidate database by disrupting the standard recruitment process.

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