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As you are actively looking for a new job, we are inviting you to complete your PiQ profile so that we may anonymously showcase you and your skills to prospective clients. 

PiQ allows clients to search for qualified candidates anonymously themselves, so recruitment fees are reduced for clients.  There is no cost to you and your profile will always be anonymous (we give no indication of who you are or where you work), we simply showcase your skill base which is attractive to prospective clients.  Once a client expresses interest in your profile, we will contact you to discuss starting the recruitment process.

Please review existing profiles on the PiQ page to see how we present candidates and to give you examples of how to complete a PiQ profile.  Once you complete and submit the below form we will add our notes and will let you know once your profile is published for your review.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or for assistance in completing your profile. 

Please add no more than 5 bullet points detailing what makes you unique and showcases your ability in your job. Separate each bullet on a new line.

Please include a maximum of 2 paragraphs summarising your relevant work experience to date. (This can be taken from the Summary or Overview on your CV, if you have one)

Please include a single paragraph outlining what you are looking for in your next role/career move. (This can be taken from the Career Aspirations or Objective on your CV, if you have one)

List 10 Bullet Points that showcases your capabilities in a job. Separate each bullet on a new line.

If you are in sales list the products sold, otherwise list your areas of specialisation.

Please list any formal sales training undertaken with methodologies followed. If not in sales, please leave blank.

Please list your sales achievements in your current job and any other notable sales achievements. If not in sales, please leave blank.

Please select all industries you have worked in.

Please select all locations where you would like to work.

Please select all that are appropriate.

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